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“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”

Education stands for an enlightening experience. It is the process of receiving or giving systematic instructions at various levels. It starts from home and continues from schools to colleges, colleges to universities and from there to workplaces and till the last breath one keeps on learning informally

The Weight of grades in today’s competitive world has increased. The girdle of grades in tightening around the neck of children. Which hinders the child explore his /her capabilities thereby depriving them of the available opportunities. It is time to unleash the grade menace by infusing the confidence in each child that they are unique individuals in their own manner. It is high time that we as educators upgrade our understanding and mould our thinking framework matching the wavelength and requirements of children. Hence, the schools have a vital role to play for edification of its pupils from all the dimensions it may be social, moral, spiritual, physical, emotional or in longer run for economical aspect as well.

We at Edify, have developed a parallel mechanism to give equal weight age to extra curricular activities and civic sense rather than focusing whole solely on Grade Saga. If we throw a glance around we would feel proud to be inhabitants of a century where technology changes with a blink of an eye. We simultaneously conduct activities not as experiments but as concrete measurable output helping children to grow as all round individuals rather than confined to book worms.

We at Edify work on the ethos that every child is unique with an aim to bring out the best in every child. Our idea is to dwell within the framework of new education system and then address individual differences in best possible ways to make teaching and learning a happy experience. The key to a happy school is to create a healthy partnership between family and school. The endeavor is to make a child perform his/her talent beyond academics.

Edify campus focuses on nurturing child-teacher rapport creating space for the child to share his inhibitions, opinions and expectations in a healthy non-fearing environment.

Mrs. Kanika Anand
B.A. B.Ed , M.A. English , M.Ed.
Principal Edify, Nagpur