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Introduction to 3C Curriculum

Where wisdom rules the curriculum 

Every effort is made to ensure that the students grow into mature and aware individuals capable of being positive contributors to society.

Holistic Development of the Child!
Integrated education that fosters the holistic development of the child’s personality.

The integrated curriculum includes hands-on activities to allow children to connect with the environment. Performing arts like painting, elocution, quiz, dramatics, singing, and dance are effortlessly blended into the curriculum. Students are graded on their performance in these various activities. Field trips to places of cultural, historical, and environmental interest are built into the curriculum. Festivals are celebrated each month and the significance of each is explained through small skits enacted on the occasion. Children grow in competence as they are provided with exposure to inter-school competitions. Prominent personalities often visit the school and encourage children on their journeys of growth. Children are taught the rules of etiquette and behaviour to be able to carry themselves with confidence in various situations they might experience. Children are helped to develop into holistic individuals capable of inspiring positive changes in the society.

Continuous evaluation of students.
Evaluating the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective abilities of the child.

Students are not ranked on their performance. Instead a grading system is in place that continually evaluates the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective abilities of the child. Parents are kept in the loop about their child’s progress at school.

3C Assessments at Edify School

Pre-Assessments: At the beginning of each unit of inquiry, teachers will assess children’s prior knowledge.
Formative Assessment: Is ongoing and regular assessment.
Summative Assessment: Happens at the end of the teaching & learning process.

Promotion from grade VI onwards is based on the following criteria:

Academic Performance
Sports and Co-Curricular activities

Academic assessment is a continuous process comprising of class tests and 3 term exams. Grading on art education, SUPW, physical education and life skills is an internal part of promotion.

Parents As Partners
Parents are considered as significant partners in the holistic development of our children.

Parent visit the school at regular intervals on informal occasions like – Coffe Mornings, Parent Workshop, Parent – Staff Picnic. Parents at Edify School also teach the students on subjects they specialize in.

Edify School firmly believes that the teacher’s role in a student’s life is not limited to the confines of the classroom. Twice a year teachers visit students’ residences to get a feel of their milieu and social background. This helps them to bond with the children and their families and enhances their interactions with the children. At Edify School, students perceive their teachers as friends first and then as learning facilitators. This ensures a warm and friendly environment where students are at ease.

Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives – Parents, teachers and community members work together to encourage and support them. The school alone cannot address all of the child’s developmental needs. Hence, the meaningful involvement of parents and support from the community is essential. Parental involvement at school allows parents & staff to work together catering to an environment in which trust & mutual respect for each other can flourish. Students too get the message of peace and begin to learn with ease when they see their parents & teachers engaged in a respectful manner for their progress.

Transdisciplinary Themes of the 3C Education
The 3C Education has identified three areas of Knowledge.

The 3C program has identified three areas of knowledge – called Character, Competence and Content. These themes provide a framework for teachers to design units of inquiry that incorporate district/state/national learning standards as well as opportunities for students to develop life skills.

3C units of inquiry approach learning as being transdisciplinary in nature. Teachers use structured inquiry to guide students through each unit while incorporating perspectives from a variety of fields of knowledge (scientific, mathematical, technological, artistic, musical, linguistic, historical, cultural and social to name a few) to build on their past experiences and reach new level of understanding.

The three transdisciplinary themes are addressed at each grade level. Even though the individual units of inquiry based upon them are all unique, different aspects of knowledge are explored under each theme. In addition to three yearly transdisciplinary units of inquiry based upon the 3C transdisciplinary themes, students receive daily instruction in Math, Reading and Writing to ensure that they continue to develop their skills in those foundational subject areas.

The 3C transdisciplinary themes are as follows: Click here to Read More about 3C Education

Technology tools at Edify School

Using technology to enhance education
The faculty members use every technology tool at their disposal to foster a rich and varied learning environment. This includes audiovisual systems, the Internet, and educational CDs.

Programmes and Syllabus :
Edify aims at creating life long learners among its students. School wishes to attain this task by the means of carefully designed programmes and syllabi and infuse in young minds love and respect for mankind and environment.

We are a CBSE School and have modelled our teaching learning pedagogies on lines of Cambridge’s IGCSE and International Baccalaureate. Hence, the goodness of both the respected curriculum of IGCSE and IB comes with EDIFY and that makes us the school to look forward to. Another reason which makes us proud is to implement the whole brain teaching methodology in the early and formative ages in our school namely the kindergarten.

Electronic Learning :
With the passing of time concept of electronic learning commonly referred as e- learning has gained strength. Keeping this in mind at Edify we have modelled our transaction of syllabus to be complimented and supplemented by technology. Every class room of ours are smart class rooms with interactive smart boards to aid the fruitful learning programme.

Carefully designed computer labs and resource centres help our students have access to regulated information and communication technology.

Breaking from the conventional methods of teaching, we believe in letting the child develop a sense of responsibility through personal experience. This helps them to learn to analyze things enhancing their thinking skills. The more they explore and experience, the better their learning skills are developed contributing towards an overall development of the child. At Edify School Nagpur, students participate in many inter Edify events like – Edisports, Edifest, Student Exchange program and online Competitions. Also they participate in Inter house competitions and educational tours within the city, to different states and even competitions and educational tours with in the city, to different states and even International places.

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