MR. Rafique Ajani,Parent Ajani (G-2B)

“At Edify, school is taking complete care of the students, each and every department is compatible as it should be; we experienced yes its different! It's a school where our ward has developed his confidence and teachers are putting their personal efforts."

Parent of Arjoo Sharma (G-X)

I like the school because of its uniqueness in few ways such as interaction of parents and teachers, unique way of parent's and teachers meet and managements focus on extra curriculum activities. The children learn many new things because of the environment in the school. Besides this the school management takes suggestions of parents with big heart for improvement. The school is new but the foundation is very strong and deep. I wish the management all the best in future endeavors.

Mr. Pravin K. Katare,Parent of Shrishti Katare (G-III)

Edify school is good in moral & ethical values to the students. The teachers and administrative staff are always eager to co-operate, resolving the issue of children. Sports activities are very much useful to develop the confidence of students. The communication skill of teachers in school are excellent for develop the students communication with society. School management is very careful for the children's needs. The management takes the initiative to involve the parents in school activities.

Parent of Saathiyan (G-IV)

Combination of creativity & teaching is makes the students to extravagate school mind, this is provides in edify education patterns. Only 25 students in class room it means no average student in school. Good teaching skill, clean canteen, good infrastructure with homemade food, schools teacher, staff & management are co-operative.

Parent of Alwina Hussain (G-IX)

In Edify school the talents and abilities of each student get ample opportunity to excel. Every student is cared for individually on both academic and extra curriculum activities. The caring and encouraging nature of the Director and his team compliment the serene location to make it a very good school. Management is progressive and is continuously burning in new and innovative ideas. The benefits in overall development of the child.

Mr. Rishi Agrawal,Parent of Tithi and Bhavya

The student-teacher ratio makes Edify school unique. It provides a perfect platform to each student for exploring their talents. The students are experiencing many aspects about various corners of the society through enriching activities. As per the vision of Edify “THINK BEYOND” it caters to the need of every student as each individual is important in its own domain. We feel happy with the interaction of staff during events organized by the school,especially the PTM's

Parent of Ridhi Sood (G-VIII B)

Edify School is very different from other schools. Its method of teaching,advance infrastructure and great facilities increase the child's interest in learning. The teachers create a wonderful environment and encourage the students. Apart from academic session they inculcate positive attitude in them. The kids are given personal attention and are not burdened, also various types of projects help them to gain extra knowledge and increase their GK. Overall I find the Edify School is perfect from the point of view of a parent.

Dherain Khilani G –VII

Edify school is different from others convection schools by the following reasons-We have the hobby period, we have 10 periods in total, 9 periods are academic and the last periods are for our hobby. As we all know everyone has a hobby, hobby refresh our mind and it makes serotonin and more active. We have alternate hobbies like Monday will be the sports hobby and Tuesday will be the Art hobby, music and Dance hobby.Apart from academics, we have many other activities to share our talents like sports,cricket, football basketball etc. Sports sir keeps an eye on us for maintaining our health and fitness. Music, art and dance are also good.We have many facilities like – freshwater, neat and clean washrooms, dig class or the active boards. We have a separate dinning area and good computer lab.We have much more chances to achieve or to show our talents because many competitions are held in our school and we are rewarded in the assembly for that. We have a award “The star of the month” in which any students who speaks good English and continues to speak gets this award and this award is rewarded monthly. These all things make me feel happy about my school.

Mrs. Caroline Ajeesh

My daughter Cristina joined Edify school mid-session in Dec 2013 in Nursery class. Being from the army background usually admission procedures are very tedious in private school during mid-session. But the moment we entered the school premises in Edify we know it would be the right school for our child. Unlike other schools Edify provided us with the right information regarding the school and its activities with a guided tour of the classes and the school. The admission procedures were simple and quick. It's been 3 months for my daughter in school and she has bonded very well the class Teacher and other students. A systematic method of teaching and play way method of learning, adopted by the school has brought out confidence in my child. Even the parent school staff relation is an open communication method which is very rare in other schools. Putting our daughter in Edify is the test decision made by us and good value education is 100% guaranteed for her.

Mr. P. M. Bhat,Parent of P. Aneeshram Bhat (G-VI)

Edify school is an excellent example of what all around education should be. The school campus is in a peaceful and quite environment. The class room are well lighted and fresh and airy. The faculties are friendly and accessible. The teachers are very professional and give individual attention. There is adequate stress on extra curricular activities such as sports hobby and arts. The tour was liked very much by all. The cultural program was also a very memorable event.

Parent of Garima Singh

School, one place where we believe we are educated. But what is education it is not about learning, read and write; it is about growing up without any inhibitions; it is about being proud of who you are; it is about being free and not caged; it is about being able to make a choice not only between right and wrong but also between two right and two wrong and ultimately about being a goon human being. But then these are values that seen alien these days. But not in Edify; the day my children were born I had made a promise to myself “I will send my children to a school they are not scared of going to” Paulo Cachlo once wrote that you will always send you signs only you should be able to see them. In my case he sent me a messenger. I still remember the day when a girl can to me and said “Aunty send your children to my school” I was stunned, a child advocating for her school. There has to be something about the school then. So the next day I was at Edify. I entered the premises wondering and when I came out my decision was made. “My daughter will study here and only here” That day and this I have not regretted my decision even once.The school has a very approachable, forthcoming and well trained staff. From the Director and the Principal and the staff every single member is a visionary. The class rooms are airy and well tit the furniture very child friendly. Every class has a smart board but technology here is no a hinder once in the teacher student relationship. There is a computer lab, a science lab, a library and a huge dinning hall were all children and teacher sit together and have lunch.The tuck shop is well equipped and you have to see the washrooms to actually believe they are washrooms. They don't stink or stink or smell and are so clean. There are hobby classes every day from singing, dancing and painting and even photography. The picnics, the carnivals, the tours, the sports day, the annual day are so well organized and artistically planned that not even once does it strike you “oh! God forbid if something happens to my child”. Such is Edify the list is endless but the best certificate I as a mother can give to the school is the smiles of my daughter. They are happy going to school and chirpy and full of energy when they are back. What more could I have asked for. I am actually seeing them grow, learning new things which no once ever taught me as a child. I am glad I kept the promise I had made to myself. “My children will not go to a school they are scared of going to”

Parent of Disha Aadimani G – VI

Edify school Nagpur is a unique setup. Situated at nice locality separate from busy crowed and traffic disturbance; Edify school has well trained, polite and descant staff who take personal interest and dedicate themselves in looking after each and every students of the school. Edify school motivates students to show their interests in their hobbies, develop their skills and encourage them to develop as an individual. They take care in cultural, sports adventure and other activities. My daughter has shown significant improvement in her confidence as well as academics activities. Edify school is doing very well keeping up to the mark of tradition and very well beyond expectation.

Mst. Fazle's Parent,Grade – VIII

These are the initial years of the school, but the school is doing very well. It keeps the children busy with some or the other activity. Assembly time is full of some or the other presentation and helpful things which keeps the child busy to search in Internet and read the books to find out the information. The subjects are also taught in the different manner by asking them to make charts and different kinds of projects. Exam times are also firm; they make them revise in the school only which makes their burden very less at home. At the time of exams all the children have to study at home as well, so just don't depend on school. School Canteen is also good and safe. Sports are less, but whatever is there they are perfect. Art and craft section is also nice and children enjoy very much.

Dr. Ehesham H. Kazami,Parent of Qurraulain Kazmi (G-IV)

I am happy, three years ago we chose Edify for our daughter. She is doing well progressing as a student. As a person not only in the field of education but also learning art and craft, music, dance, sports and fitness everything that is needed to be a good human being,teachers and staff are very good, easily reachable, very cooperative and updated in their respective fields. They are teaching how to think, helping them become what they are meant to be. They are not cutting jungles for modernization but they are irrigating the deserts. Best thing is that they learning but always developed interest for it. At Edify we are listened, taken care and even entertained. Here students are getting power to think clearly act well in words work and appreciate life well. All the best.

Dr. Nitual M. Bewal,Parent of Kapil Bewal (G-VII)

The school has been wonderful experience for students as well as parents so far. The teaching methods have plenty of novelty with the optimum use of technology. The important aspect where the school scores over other schools is that students here get the personal attention due to the conscious efforts from the school management to keep the healthy teacher-students ratio. Hope this will be continued in future.

Mrs. Shejali Negi,Parent of Ritwik Singh Negi (KG-II)

Being a mother of Kindergarten going child I really appreciate the efforts of caring, hard working and experienced teachers of Edify School; under whom my child is being supervised. Edify with its different and smart classroom structure and amazing ways conducting fun learning activities has occupied a special place in our heart. I am so happy to see my child's development, all because of healthy and innovative atmosphere of Edify School.

Mrs. Dia Nankani,Parent of Reet Nankani (KGII)

Today's scenario is full of children in big and great schools where all the schools promise to impart not just education but knowledge. On the contrary maximum number of schools merely renders lip service. True efforts have been performed by Edify School.They give perfect conditions for a child to grow, learn, perform and develop his own ability in an atmosphere which is truly healthy.Proper conditions include many aspects out of which few important are:- Ration of children and teacher in a class, which is very high in many conventional schools, but Edify School have truly promised and performed to be different from those where, there are only 25 students per teacher, per class; which is quite appreciable on their part. Many more aspects of the school are, extra curricular activities by which no stage fear seen for students even of lower KG, Parents are regularly informed about child's performances not only by PTM but also by informal meetings such as Coffee Meet, combined picnic of parents and teachers and children and by which the parents are happy and satisfied.

Mr. Rajiv Shethia,Parent of Neev Sethia (G-VII)

We have chosen Edify School due to good teacher to student ratio. Good thing about this school is that parent's feedback is heard and changes are made based on feedback. After 3 years association with Edify we feel like part of Edify family. We always look forward for annual cultural night which is celebrated in big way and parent teacher's picnic which is one unique thing. There are few things on which we have to improve but with the vision that school has, I am sure we would make required improvements as we grow. I find all staff members from Director to Admin desk person very helpful & friendly. It is good to be associated with this school & I am planning to move my younger son also to Edify.

Punita Vishal Rajkotia,Parent of Yash V. Rajkotia (G-V)

“Challenges are gifs that force us to search for a center of gravity” It is indeed a pleasure to write about Edify School and why it is different from other conventional school is because here the child is trained to be complete individual, the one who will be able to achieve what he/she desires. In Edify school education is a invitation for children to explore the ideas and talents to the world. Let the aim for tomorrow be higher than the achievement of today. As far as I have notice the conventional methods of teaching is completely different from other for example interactive whiteboard class rooms international curriculum fused in CBSE frame work, eco friendly environment between students and teacher and between parents and teacher. Complementing the efforts to the teachers, the class rooms are linked via CCTV. Its make me feel happy about school is the interaction between parentsteachers discussion of education and related issue. I have seen many changes in my kid, the st way of talking, respect towards elders, the talent etc. This is the 1 school so far I have seen where there is parent fun day, where parents and teacher join hands together for fun and enjoy every moment between them. In this school there is various clubs were each one can show their talents for example photography club, math club, language club, quiz club, environment club an excellent library. The campus is cheerful with balanced and careful positioning of work space. Here I have found all the facilities and education methods which my child needs. Perhaps this is the best school so far as I have seen in orange city. Before I end, I would like to say….. You don't get a tree until a seed is sown, you don't get a fruit until a tree is grown, pampered with doses of sunlight and air nurtured with manner of love and care..

Parent of Mohd. Farhan (G-V)

Edify school is located in a natural, calm and in good atmosphere with green surrounding making learning for the students with concentration in a healthy manner. The facilities of small sections not exceeding 25 students, e-class rooms with AC provided with generator back-up, computer, and library, music and hobby rooms, lunch room and canteen makes Edify school different from others. The administration for academics for students and teaching faculties and the way in which the authorities monitors it; is excellent. Every child is provided with individual attention and cared by not only the staff but by the management. Sports facilities, cultural exposure through different clubs really uplift the standard of students. In fact students enjoy every moment during school and will to be in school every time. The conveyance facilities, sick room facilities with full time doctor really takes away the burden and tension of parents. Also good and timely communication regarding any matter really made parents happy about the school.

Parent of Aditya Gangrwani

Edify school is different from other conventional school because the teachers here teach very nicely. They are very polite. The teachers in the school hold many activities. The school facilitates the children with good and clean canteen. We have Promethean smart boards in which they have “Digitally” which helps the students to understand the topic in a better way. The school has 45 minutes hobby period every day. In hobby period the students can go to their favorite hobby. The school has many clubs such as photography club, digital art club, environmental club, math club and first aid club. What makes you feel happy about our school? The thing that makes us happy about Edify school is that the school is very co-operative. The school gets many awards. The school has a very good motto “THINK BEYOND”. The school has started a new system “STAR OF THE MONTH”. In this every students is watched by the student gets selected he/she is given a batch which is in the shape of a star. One student is selected from each standard. The school celebrates many festivals. The school also takes the children to many field trips.

Parent of Yashashvee

We first heard about Edify school when I came with my family on posting to Kamptee in August 2011. Being a new organization I was a little hesitant about putting my wards here, th especially when my elder son's batch will be the first one to appear far the 10 examination in 2015. My initial anxiety was quickly alleviated by the very appearance of the then Principal of the school, Dr. L. C. Coutinho and his team. To me the whole institution seemed to be bubbling with inspiration. For the past two and half years I am observing the school growing up and advancing to achieve a definite mission. The best part of the school is that the authority is approachable. Whenever we are facing any problem with our wards; it addition to excelling in the academic field, the authority is taking care of the physical and intellectual development of children through sports and cultural activities, Through it is only the initial phase of the institution and the school has a long journey to cover, considering morning shows the day, we can really expect that a bright sunny day is lying ahead of Edify School, Nagpur.

As the strength of building is determined by its foundation; similarly the frame of a child is determined by its base and the base is created by the school. Edify school has laid down steps to create strong basis of a child. Unlike other conventional schools it has not just made promises but rendered them too. The foremost thing for a child to grow to perform to progress is due attention given to a child which is denied by other conventional schools because of the unequal teacher child ratio. Starting from studies to extra curricular activities the school has always proved to be different and better. Talking about the study pattern, it is not only result oriented but also knowledge oriented & the teaching skills are very innovative. The feeling of being a part of one class and spirit of unity is rooted from the very beginning. Unlike other conventional schools the burden of stage performance is not concentrated only in a few instead each child has to participate equally for all activities. The parents are regularly informed not only through PTM but combined parent-teacher picnic and coffee meet are also taken up by this school; which makes parents happy and satisfied. In short it makes a great difference in a child of being an Edifian.

Parent of Rishit Chatterjee G – V

At Edify, children not just come to gain education but they gain so many other aspects along with education. They gain happiness, adventure etc. a mutual bonhomie amongst each other and above all they get to become better citizens of the country. To achieve all that is mentioned above; Edify has an excellent staff which is not only highly motivated to provide an all round education. In just a span of three years, the school has achieved far more than what other schools and is still developing even after 6 to 7 years. I am sure other schools are imbibing ideas from Edify. Their wonderful ways for an all round development which Edify moves an towards achieving the position in Nagpur city.

Mrs. Preeti Singh,Parent of Shangun, Shrishti (G-III)

What drove me to admit my children in Edify School was the promise of a holistic education rather than an academic driven on and by far it has really lived up to my expectations. I can see a tremendous amount of confidence in my children. Thanks to the number of co-curricular activities, projects and the dedicated efforts of the teachers in encouraging them to participate and think out of the box. Their interests are rekindled by the hobby classes and various club activities on a daily basis. As a parent I feel as much a part of the dynamic Edify Team due o the numerous interactive sessions with the staff.